A family church is a church that welcomes all people whether young or old or in between. There are many churches/ministries that are designed to target a specific demographic…their ministries are geared towards attracting a certain type of person of a certain age and even income bracket.

I believe the intent of the church was never to target a specific group but to reach out to people of all walks of life from every age group and social demographic.

In a family church everyone has their role to fulfill that allows room for each other group to grow and be an active part of the church.

•The elders or “seasoned saints” (66 and over) are expected to participate in ministry as much as possible, impart wisdom, and encourage the younger members to grow in Christ, find a place of service in God’s House and be a “perpetual” witness for Jesus. The elders are expected to nurture and “make room” for those that are coming up behind them. (Examples: Moses and Joshua; Elijah and Elisha, Jesus and the Disciples)

•Youth (20 and younger) are expected to be respectful of their elders & parents and grow in Christ until they are of an age to move into a position of leadership and/or ministry that fits their God given purpose. As our youth grow in Christ they will learn (through the elders and parents examples) to witness and testify to goodness of the Lord. (Proverbs 22:6)

•Young adults (21 to 65) are expected to grow in their gospel witness to the world, discover their God given purpose, with the aid of God and experienced saints, get involved in ministry and service to the Lord as much as possible in order for the Church to function and fulfill its purpose…the Great Commission (Matthew 20: 28)

In order for this church model to work, there must be mutual respect and love by each demographic. Each group must make room for one another in the church. It is not about one group getting its way…it is about loving each other enough to care about the needs of one another and ensuring each other’s needs are met. (Philippians 2)

If there is room for everyone at the Cross, then there should be room for everyone in God’s House. The key to this vision manifesting in its entirety is love and unity. You have to love one another enough to be willing to compromise to meet one another needs and acquiesce to one another in order to maintain peace and unity within God’s family. (Romans 12: 18 – 21)

Unity can only come through Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God being allowed to reign in God’s House. When we forget about ourselves (personal agendas, grudges, selfish ideologies), concentrate on (Him) Jesus and worship Christ our Lord only then will the family church truly manifest in God’s House.